S2 Online – (2012 – PC) Downloads

Download S2 Online – (2012 – PC) Downloads

Game Info

  • Release: World - in the development, 2012 yr. (PC)
  • Platforms: PC
  • Genres: Action, Shooter, Online game, Massively multiplayer, Role playing
  • Developers: CJ Internet
  • Publishers: CJ Internet

Online role-playing shooter, in which players take part in a shootout between the teams.

10 Reviews to “S2 Online – (2012 – PC) Downloads”

  1. D-Hunter Redeemer says:

    I’m just sick of big name franchises getting games developed by subpar teams for Vita (I know there are a handful of exceptions – but on the whole the library seems very average)

  2. R0B0T says:

    Change the number of pieces per puzzle, turn on rotating pieces, and choose from different categories in this incredible game

  3. m-motion says:

    * Usability improvements (no more accidental grabs of clouds, accidental activation of time bugs, accidental tapping of retry/menu buttons) * Bug fixes (orientation at startup is now always correct, an intermittent crash bug in the World of Goo Corporation level was fixed)

  4. C SIDE TANK says:

    That’s the whole damn point

  5. P3nnyrich says:

    Corvis and his young daughter Bethany

  6. c0l f0rb1n says:

    * 64 amazing levels

  7. o Briannn x says:

    Hope is an idea trying to break through the chaos and become realized as a work of art

  8. G-Vill Lok says:

    Meanwhile you figure out the biggest mysteries of all time, like the purpose of the Stonehenge and the mystery of the Yeti, and much more

  9. o IMD34D2ME o says:

    There are many available weapons to keep the monsters that hunt you at bay