Pathfinder Online – (2012 – PC) – UPDATES

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Game Info

  • Release: World - in the development, 2012 (PC)
  • Platforms: PC
  • Genres: Card Games, Online game
  • Developers: Goblinworks

Multiplayer online game, hybrid Sandbox and Theme Park, which is based on the desktop RPG Pathfinder.

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  1. t tapout says:

    He used to be part of SMERSH, a counterespionage group in the Soviet Union, set up to counter German infiltration and to track down traitors during World War II

  2. G.Lecter says:

    Nationalism and militarism dominates the politics, which has allowed sinister leaders to take charge

  3. P1ll0w M4n says:

    Features : – Defend yourself with 18 different weapons, from shotguns to chainsaws, even rockets, katanas and flamethrowers! – Deceptively simple gameplay, with more depth than meets the eye

  4. EAB_GoW says:

    The plug-in had an exclusivity period of one month on the 360, similar to Dawnguard

  5. m00t says:

    While Dogi seeks out his former combat master for answers, Adol tends to the townsfolk – and finds himself embroiled in a world of political conspiracies, ancient legacies and unthinkable taboos

  6. B Hal says:

    Devastated by the loss of her family in a horrific fire, Alice Liddell

  7. z CoLToN says:

    5 million units sold through worldwide, is returning to Wii with 10 Completely sporting events in Deca Sports 3

  8. C01d M455acr3 says:

    All under one roof

  9. m0nk3ys1ms says:

    in the same way that hundreds of new movies and albums come out every year

  10. t bag says:

    A SMOOTH, THRILLING BATTLE SYSTEM – Dynamic turn-based fights: preset your future attacks, which will be triggered one by one once your action gauge is filled