Asylum – (2013 – PC) Downloads

Download Asylum – (2013 – PC) Downloads

Game Info

  • Release: World - 2013 (PC)
  • Platforms: PC
  • Genres: 1st person, Quests
  • Developers: Senscape
  • Publishers: Senscape
  • Distribution - Digital Delivery
  • Home page -

Atmospheric psychological thriller, which is set in the fictional insane asylum, created in the image and likeness of actual mental hospitals.

10 Reviews to “Asylum – (2013 – PC) Downloads”

  1. A Cat N Heat says:

    I still loved this episode though

  2. B Tizo says:

    The poor sap begs for you to spare his life, but that’s the coward’s way of handling conflicts

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  4. G00dspeed says:

    Anna PC FANiSO A first person horror game, not a fan of puzzle games but yet this game is cool but we do have fans for them too, so this won’t disappoint you

  5. Z. Carmine says:

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  6. d.a629 says:

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  7. N 3 M 3 S 1 S z says:

    You will need to avoid the various dangers lurking deep in the forest while seeking out the shortest route to Granny

  8. Eaggra says:

    but I acknowledge its flaws- and I especially acknowledge the flaws it started with

  9. S0m3 DUd3 666 says:

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  10. b0ysc0ut says:

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